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7 Minute Metabolic



Men who want their swagger and energy back… you’re about to discover how to shred stubborn body fat and boost testosterone naturally… in only 21 minutes a week!

It’s A Bold Statement I Know, But,  Thousands Of Real People Just Like You Have Seen Amazing Results With My System. Here Are Just A Few...

Can You Spare 21 Minutes A Week, For The Next 3 Weeks To Master
Your Body Using My 'Hidden' Training Principles?

This revolutionary new workout is helping busy, professional career men like you… who don’t have a lot of time… regain their  youth and energy with just 21 minutes of actual exercise per week. Just 7 mins a day 3x per week to be exact!

It’s a proven, scientifically backed method to  naturally boost your male hormone testosterone back to youthful levels, shred fat, and build lean muscle all in one go!

Get back the swagger you had in your youth… and build those lean 6 pack abs that your friends will have to see to believe… And more importantly, transform your body and your health for the better in just 21 days.

Ageing Doesn’t Have to Mean Slowing Down…

Men, we all know the story. As you get older, things start to slow down.

You pack on weight and you lose muscle tone…

But the worst of it isn’t even how you look…  it’s how you feel (in and out of the bedroom). Some days things are ok. Other days, you feel like you’re ready for retirement.

I’ve heard it a thousand times over the course of my career. Heck, I’ve probably heard it ten thousand times.

And what I discovered may shock you… although you probably already know it, deep down.

The truth is… many of us, myself included, have had several negative experiences in our lives that have caused us to make bad decisions. The wrong choices.

As these experiences build up, your once-positive outlook on life causes many of us to self destruct for literally decades. Some men gain weight as they settle into a comfort sone. Other men let their divorce define who they are and severe oneitis sets in..

Others give up completely because they are Uber-Ambitious and put unrealistic expectations on themselves which only leads to  certain failure and negative and destructive thought patterns. Whatever the cause, the results are the same.

We stop treating ourselves right. We stop taking care of ourselves.

Does it sound like I know what I am talking about? I bet it does because I let my divorce nearly ruin and define me until I realized that the only person who cared was me. The only person who could take action and control was me.​​​​​​​

Whatever the cause, the results are the same.

We stop treating ourselves right. We stop taking care of ourselves.

Now Body is about fixing that through  positive reinforcement, education, exercise and by being surrounded by other men and people who lift you up rather than bring you down.

Before we move any further, let me introduce myself, because…

YES Joel I Am Ready For My Full Transformation Today

Right Now, You May Be wondering Who I Am, And Why You Should Listen To Me…

Hi I’m Joel

I’m a husband, dad to three kids… and have been a fitness fanatic since I was 11. Now, I help over 200,000 people every day attract the right kind of energy in their lives. That means more than just 6-pack abs. It also means being healthier, more productive… while being in the best shape of your life.

Let’s face it… your time is valuable.

Getting into better shape, losing  weight… those are great goals. Feeling like a million bucks because you know you’re back to your old self… that’s even better. I hear from my fans that many of them have already spent countless hours in the gym (with expensive gym memberships)… and they’re tired of feeling like they’re going  nowhere.

It’s my mission to help men stop wasting their time doing the same old exercises, year after year… to stop men, losing confidence as they age, feeling inadequate, undesirable and like they can’t perform like they did in their 20s.

And show them how to get rapid results in just 21 days. Men like you have been asking me to put together a comprehensive guide, but I didn’t want to rush it. I knew that if I did this, I was going to do it right. That means real, proper guidance based on true science.

So I break down the myths and get to the core of what works… and what doesn’t.

That’s the only way you can feel truly empowered to transform your body in 21 days. And as you read on, I’ll explain exactly how it’s possible.


This program lets you get life-changing results, with the tiniest time investment possible, over the next 21 days. You can even…

Workout from anywhere, including the gym or your own home with amazing results!

Train smarter, with hyper-targeted superset exercises that hit two key muscle groups per workout

Grow muscle safely with training and guidance based on true science and expert knowledge obtained over the last 20 years

Workout from anywhere, including the gym or your own home with amazing results!

Train smarter, with hyper-targeted superset exercises that hit two key muscle groups per workout

YES Joel I Am Ready For My Full Transformation Today



There are a million gurus out there sprouting out information that just doesn’t seem right. And even if you see through it, you’re still left back where you started. That’s why my program is committed to a foundation of  real science. It’s well-researched fundamentals that are backed by decades of experience.

​​​​​​​When I started working on it months ago, so many folks said to me, Joel, there’s no way you can see results like that in 21 days, exercising only 21 minutes a week. We are talking  shedding pounds every week by my early customers.

Serious, whole body transformations.​​​​​​​

It almost seemed too good to be true. That’s why we needed to be so sure. And it’s why I spent so much time testing and researching before putting together this guide.

But scientists all over the world have come to the very same conclusion.  The right exercises, done only  minutes a day, can radically  transform not only your body… but your health, too.

In fact, what I’m about to teach you is the exact same method used by  top surgeons for their patients to help with recovery… before the actual surgery.

Confused? Don’t be. It’s simple. Doctors discovered that they could actually reduce the risk associated with surgery by getting their patients to exercise before the surgery.

But they had a challenge… how could they possibly get patients in shape when urgent surgeries could be only days or weeks away?

The answer blew my mind… and it’s exactly the same kind of exercises in my program.

You see, the surgeons needed to find a way to get patients  in shape in 4 weeks or less. And because lives were on the line, failure wasn’t an option.

But it isn’t just doctors who have  discovered the secret to getting in shape, fast.

High-performance athletes are in on it, too. When you’re at the top of your game, every little bit counts.​​​​​​​

And the body needs every help it can get. I’m talking hormones.

Completely natural, of course. I’d never recommend anything else.

It turns out, the workout method in my program is exactly the same method proven by scientists to increase testosterone in men.

In a study that looked at college athletes, it only took them  two weeks and the results were stunning…

Significantly higher levels of testosterone even in woman were observed.

What does that do for you?

Well, testosterone is the primary hormone responsible for muscle tone. It’s what keeps us looking young. And it’s what’s responsible for your strength, your vitality… even your sex drive.

As we age, it naturally declines. That’s why so many movie stars take expensive and dangerous supplements. They’re trying to regain their old energy… lapping at the fountain of youth, if you will.

Imagine boosting it in only two weeks… without taking a single pill. Absolutely no medicine involved. Just this program.

This Is Just For men…

Specifically Looking To Burn Stubborn Fat That Is Impossible To Lose, Add Rock Hard Muscle & Feel More Energized!

Look, I firmly believe that everybody deserves good health. men, women, and children.

But our bodies are different. Men of a certain age need a program that’s designed for them.

We’re not here just looking for that tight beeach body look women love. For us, it’s all about functional strength. Getting out there in the world. And looking great is just a nice bonus.

Tight, defined arms, wide shoulders, a trim waist. There’s a reason why men have worshiped the triangle shape for thousands of years.

Because it tells everybody that you’re in command. You’re in charge. Of the world around you, and of yourself.

That’s why my program isn’t designed for everybody. I have someone specific in mind, someone who I know needs my help the most.

Men who :

Are short on time, and need results, fast

Want to lose 100 lbs or less

Aren’t sure how to gain muscle mass & tone and lose fat at the same time

Have careers that keep them busy

Maybe most importantly… aren’t afraid of hard work

Although I’m only asking you to exercise for 21 minutes a week (that’s just 7 minutes a day 3x a week), I expect you to work for those 7 minutes.

If you’re up for transforming your life in 7minutes a day 3x a week, and are ready to work hard, then I’m ready to have you join us.

Designed specifically for men by world-class fitness coach Joel Therien
to  transform your body

Here’s what’s included, over $255 worth of value, bundled into an easy to consume, actionable
​​​​​​​and GUARANTEED plan, that you can execute in just 21 days!

This is an exact blueprint for the next 21 days to grow sexy and lean muscle and lose fat. There’s no guesswork required. It’s comprehensive. I focus on total muscle fatigue, and growing muscle to boost your metabolism while dropping fat.

Think of the video series as an essential companion to your blueprint guide. It’s the Robin to the guide’s Batman.

You need to know that you’re doing every exercise the right way. I don’t want you second-guessing, and I don’t want you making any mistakes.

I take this seriously, and you should too. That’s why I show you exactly what to do and how to do it for perfect form.

The old saying is true.  Abs are made in the kitchen and the gym. So don’t forget about eating right. It’s going to be an essential part of getting you feeling your best all day.

Nobody loves boring, bland chicken breasts and brown rice three times a day. Forget it.

I pack in the  best recipes that take only minutes to whip up… and best of all, they actually taste delicious.

Maybe you had six-pack abs when you were young. Or maybe you never did. But let me tell you, there’s no better feeling in the world. They tell everybody who sees them, this guy is fit. This guy knows what he’s doing.

You’ll never get there with crunches. They’re old-fashioned, and they might just injure you.

Ab Accelerators is the fastest way to visible abs, the right way.

This might just be the most  valuable part of the whole package. Nobody has to do it alone.

Studies have shown that the  support of a community can make all the difference in reaching your fitness goals.

Ab Accelerators is the fastest way to visible abs, the right way.

When you join me, you’ll get total access to my private support community of men just like you.

People who get it… Well, they want the same things as you do: better health, in less time, with no messing around. It’s where you need to be. And it’s yours, free.


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I want to make this offer so incredibly easy for you that I’m going to give you 3 Fast-Action Bonuses 100% FREE… Because I don’t want you to hesitate and miss out on all the benefits this program has in store for you.

But I’m limiting these bonuses to the first 500 men that join me today. So chances are if you leave this page, and return tomorrow, these bonuses will be gone.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Those who track their workouts do better. You can’t tell where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been.

Write it down, see if you’re getting better. Simple as that.

It’s all about the big picture. You may not have known it when you were younger, but you know it now.

The 21-Day Calendar shows you exactly what’s coming up in your next workout. It lets you plan, and keep your eye on the prize.

I’m all about natural. For me, and for the hundreds of thousands of people who follow me, it’s all about natural.

But if you’re ready to take your fitness to the next level, supplements can help. I will tell you exactly what completely natural, healthy supplements you should take… and when.

It can be confusing to know what to take before you workout, what to take afterwards, and what to skip altogether.

That’s why my Supplement Protocol breaks it all down for you. No fluff, just the info you need.


It doesn’t matter how old you are. Imagine going to a meet up with your buddies. There’s a spring in your step. Everybody notices it.

The first thing they say is, "What the heck happened to you, man? You look like a million bucks!"

Maybe you and your buddies go to a bar. Is the girl at the end of the bar looking at you now? She will be in 21 days. You don’t have to go home with her, but it’s sure nice to know that she’s looking.

There’s a deeper level, too. It’s something you come to realize with age.

When you start to respect your body, respect yourself, it pays dividends in all aspects of your life.

Everything I've Learned Over The Decades, Build A Physique That Even Pro Bodybuilders Envy!

Members of my personal coaching club often pay thousands of dollars to get only a few minutes of time with me. But I know how out-of-reach that is for millions of people. And I truly believe that a better,  healthier life is something that everyone deserves.

Head over to your local gym, and a personal trainer could run you $75 or $100 an hour. That quickly adds up to hundreds of dollars a month.

Nevermind the cost of the gym membership. We’re talking $1,000s a year in total.

I’m so passionate about reaching as many people as I can, that I’ve made this program as affordable as possible. Combined, the value of everything in this package is worth over $250. But even that was too much for me. I knew I could do better for my 200,000 followers.

So I worked to bring the price down even more.

Backed By  My Personal 60-Day Guarantee

Like you, I’m a man of my word. It means everything to me. And I’m so confident that what I’m offering will change your body and your life that I’m putting an unbeatable guarantee behind it.

If you buy the 21/21/21 Program and you don’t see a difference in the first 21 days, I will refund the entire amount… and an extra $10 – just to compensate you for the time you’ve spent!

I don’t know of anybody else in the world who would pay you to try their program. But that’s how confident I am that you’ll love it… and more importantly, that it will make the difference you’ve been looking for.

Normally, this program would sell for $599

But if you join now

You’ll get the entire thing for just $25/mo


$129.00 per year  (save over 60%)



You’re at a crossroads.

You’ve got two choices in front of you, and it’s time to make a decision.

You could close this page right now, and go back to your normal life. Feeling flabby with low energy and out of shape. Hating the way you look in the mirror. Or worse, hating the way people look at you. Wondering what they really think of you.


You could take a leap. It’s not a fortune. It’s only $25 bucks

That’s  not even a full meal out for you and your significant other. It’s half a meal.

Plus, if it doesn’t work, you’ll get every penny back and ten bucks extra for your time.

And in exchange, you’re going to have 21 days to completely transform your life… 3 minutes a day, 7 days a week, 3 weeks in a row.

That’s all it takes.

Click Here to BUY NOW

Body Transformation Program


Remember, you’re getting everything I’ve described personally from me, Joel Therien.

I started my career as a Pulmonary and Cardiac Rehab specialist… yes, I began in the medical field.

And although that gives me a certain level of technical skill, my passion for fitness and health started way back when I was only 11 (and I’m 48 now, so it’s been quite a while!)

I truly believe that it’s not about 6-pack abs. Yes, that’s the ultimate goal for many of us.

But it’s also true that our outer shell is a direct reflection of who we are internally… and I want to help fix that outer shell and that inner  shell, through positive  reinforcement, education, and exercise.

It all comes down to three things:

Live life on your terms

Love what you do every day so much that you wake up with excitement

Laugh so hard that your life is just a damn good time

What I’m about to teach you is the same system I’ve followed since I was a teenager. As an active father and CEO of a large company, there’s nothing that matters more to me than staying in shape… without it needing a massive time commitment.

If that sounds like you, then the only thing left is to give it a try, right now!


Don’t worry! I know that everybody is different, and this program is specifically designed to work for men at all levels of fitness. What matters is how much you put into it, not where you start.

No.. not at all. You will be using less weights and slightly less intensity but we have people as old as 86 seeing great results and benefitting from the program

We have a 30 day money back guarantee so all the risk is on us

No you can train from home. But if you want to go to a gym that is ok too

The price point of $21.00 is a limited time offer and this offer could disappear even today so act now!!

References:  https://perioperativemedicinejournal Same kind of exercise recommended by surgeons for patients before surgery because it’s so effective in terms of gains achievable in extremely limited time periods like 4 weeks. They did a study of atheletes doing HIT over 2 weeks and looked for changes in hormones And found significant increases in cortisol (wikispedia says “Cortisol is a steroid hormone”- Also testosterone concentrates were significantly higher during the last training session than the first So it lead to significant increases in baseline concentrations of serum testosterone. Scientists tried to discover if 4 weeks of HIT would improve the time trial of comeptitive cyclists They found that it did – it lead to significant absolute and relative increases in power output.